Girls Aloud Sarah Harding was savoring her man on a tropical romantic break

April 28, 2009

Sarah Harding has spent some romantic time with her boyfriend the DJ Tom Crane in an idyllic island of the Indian Ocean. The Girls Aloud Singer was noticed on the beach by paparazzo who was observing her closely while she was having some good time with her beau.

Sarah Harding & Tom Crane beach Mauritius

In Mauritius, they were resting in an exclusive island resort of the coast, where they spent a whole week kissing and frolicking together. To a British newspaper, she relates her days in this marvelous place, ‘Mauritius is a very charming island where Tom and I spent lovely moments together, enjoying the beautiful beaches, the sea and the friendliness of locals, who are really amazing’.

Lindsay Lohan, the most complete American celebrity was frolicking with girls on holidays in Mauritius Island

April 24, 2009

American star Lindsay Lohan was recently in Mauritius on a girls break with her friends. They were spotted on the west coast of the island, on the beach frolicking and enjoying tropical drinks on a luxury holiday in a five star resort.

Lindsay Lohan bikini beach

She was resplendent on the beach while stretching her legs, in her two piece yellow bikini. Lindsay Lohan who is actually in relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson took a break with her friends in the tropics before focusing on her work. Lohan who is a Hollywood actress, model, as well as pop singer.

An Indian Beauty in tropical island for photo shooting

April 23, 2009

Puja Gupta who represents India in the Miss Universe contest in 2007 was in recently Mauritius for photo shooting for an Indian magazine. She was posing on the white sandy beach of this delightful island, and shot by photographer Samiko Murjai Nanda who was capturing the expressions of this glamorous young lady.

Puja Gupta Mauritius

During her days in this tropical heaven, she was luxuriating in a coastal resort where has had some fun time.

Talking about the shoot and her experience, Puja Gupta says, “I simply loved the dress I was wearing. The mood was playful and I just wanted to run around the beach and have some fun, which I did while shooting for the calendar.” And after the shooting she spent some time relaxing on the beach and refreshing in the warm water of the lagoon, and was resplendent under the sunlight.

Denise Richards was latterly enjoying lesbian and Mauritius on a quick break

April 23, 2009

American model and actress Denise Richards was recently Denise Richards and lesbian partnerin the island of Mauritius for some holidays. She was notice on the beach with her lesbian partner and two other friends.

The 38 years old was resplendent under the tropical sunlight. She has spent her days in a luxury resort on the west coast of the island, strolling and frolicking on the beach, enjoying local rhum cocktails. However, she leaved her children to former hubby Charlie Sheen, actor in the television series ‘Two And A Half Men’, as Charlie Harper.

Amma the spiritual professor is in the Mascarene Islands to deliver divine messages.

April 21, 2009

Amma is actually in Mauritius for some spiritual sessions with faithful around the island. After having breed the mind of spiritual adherent in Reunion Island with sessions of prayers, preaching values and love. She finally arrived in the neighbor island to share her worthy thoughts.

Amma in the water

Amma during her days in Mauritius will have sessions of prayers, meditation and will meet the greatest number of believers for some hugs while addressing encouraging words. Like a mother who hugs her children she does the same with people of all walks of life, where her name of Amma came from, which means mother in various Indian religions. This famous spiritual personality traverses the world to spread her peaceful messages to change negative mindsets. She is among the great of this world who have tried and is still trying to make this world better, to live in harmony. And here are some of her words, ‘May the tree of life be firmly rooted in the soil of love. Let good deeds be the leaves on that tree. May words of kindness form its flowers and may peace be its fruits.’

American celebrity Audrina Patridge was recently in tropical island Mauritius for some holidays.

April 17, 2009

The actress who will be playing the lead role in the movie ‘Into The Blue 2’ as Kelsey Solis, was recently in Mauritius luxuriating in a 5 star+ resort. She was spotted on the west coast of the island with her friends.

Audrina Patridge at beach

Audrina Patridge spends a week enjoying Mauritius, where she has had some massages to boost her chakra, some fun time on the beach, drinking cocktails and relaxing peacefully. She was resplendent under the sunlight, while sunbathing.

Young Britain Top Model, Ben Grimes was in Mauritius for some peaceful days.

April 16, 2009

Ben Grimes, one of the Britain’s new generation models was recently in a heaven islandModel Topless Ben Grimes for some well deserved holidays, after a tiring season. She was on a relaxing break on peaceful lands in a luxury resort.

The Britain model was on a hideaway in Mauritius, enjoying the lights of the tropical sun on a white sandy beach at Anahita Resort. However, she has spent only few days in this marvelous island where calmness is the only ordinance.

Actually she is with famous model agencies such as Beatrice Models, DNA Model Management, Ben, has featured for great fashion houses collection. The likes of D&G, Christian Dior, Kenzo, John Galliano, Emma Cook and so on. And thus, this gorgeous model is among the shooting stars of Britain modeling.

Anahita Resort Mauritius