Chelsea left back Ashley Cole and his wife Cheryl Cole holidays in the tropics

March 24, 2009

Ashley Cole the England and Chelsea left back have tried to obtain his spouse Cheryl Ashley Cole and Cheryl ColeCole pardon by taking her on holidays in the tropical island Mauritius, for having cheated and have a relationship with hairdresser Aimee Walton. And this was supposed to be a second honeymoon, but in this situation don’t think so.

Ashley and Cheryl Cole in swimming pool

However, the infidel husband chose Mauritius to hideaway with his wife and be alone in order to show her how much he love her and need her. In spite of that, his dear wife was not really convinced by his man. Despite being in the most luxurious hotel of this paradise destination, the British singer didn’t forgive this guy who has misled her once, twice or maybe more than that.

Cheryl Cole

Meanwhile, they have had some fun time in Mauritius. But anyhow, Cheryl is still playing hard with the balls of the footballer and has not finished kicking on it. And this adultery will be paid very high by Mr. Seducer.

Chocolate diva Naomi Campbell frolics with her man on tropical vacation

March 23, 2009

Naomi Campbell Black BikiniThe English model, singer and actress Naomi Campbell was recently on vacation in the tropics with her new man, the Russian Vladislav Doronin who is a real estate entrepreneur and billionaire.

Naomi Campbell kissin the beau

After some days passed in the Maldives, the couple traveled to another island in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, to have some peaceful time. This hideaway was planned by the billionaire who was trying to convince his soul mate to marry him and his fortune.

However if she accept, the Russian will marry her bad temper too as she is well known for being very aggressive, and has assault some people in her surroundings. Thus, she is a great boxer like Mike Tyson but not a good swimmer like Michael Phelps, as to be able to float, she needs the help of a buoy and her man.

Celina Jaitley’s sensational bikini

March 20, 2009

Indian celebrity  Celina Jaitley, model and actress who obtained the Miss India crown Celina Jaitley sexy bikiniand was a finalist in the Miss Universe in year 2001 was in bikini in the paradise island recently for some photo shootings.

It was for the film “Money Hai To Honey Hai” which most of the shootings were made in Mauritius. The film was shot in that tropical island to have some exotic and natural views which is not found at Bollywood. Concerning her bikini and the moral police of India, Celina entrusts that “if you go abroad, it’s a very normal thing for any girl to wear a bikini and nobody looks at as a big thing, so I was surprised that in my country it made such a polemic. As far as inhibitions go, there is a very thin line between sensuality and vulgarity and I’m very cautious of that line, I always tried to stick by that line”.

Celina Jaitley posing in MauritiusHowever, Miss Jaitley is not only a Bollywood actress, she recently went on international scene for the film Quest of Sheherzade along with actors Sean Connery and Orlando Bloom, where she is slated to play the role of an Iranian princess. This will be her first venture into Hollywood, and hope not the last.

Celina Jaitley on Mauritian beach

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas break in Mauritius

March 19, 2009

The famous Welsh actress who is a Hollywood screen star was on vacation recently withCatherine Zeta Jones her hubby Michael Douglas, American actor and producer. The Ocean’s Twelve star, 37, was on a New Year break in the tropical island Mauritius.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas

The couple who has been on honeymoon in the island has returned to have some peaceful time before taking back their celebrity life. ”At the exclusive resort of Le Prince Maurice, she was spotted clutching a packet of cigarettes.”

Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones who starts her acting career in the film “Les 1001 nuits” in the role of ‘Sheherazade’ in 1991 and has become famous from many of her role which she interpret till now, such as in Elena Montero in ‘The mask of Zorro’, she also played in ‘Traffic’, ‘Ocean’s Twelve’, ‘The Legend of Zorro’ and so on. However, her husband Michael Douglas, the son of Kirk Douglas a legend of American cinema, have won many awards for his acting roles , like the Academy Award for Best Actor for the movie ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ in 1975 and many others.

The creator of Harry Potter J.K Rowling was a while ago, rejuvenating in Mauritius

March 17, 2009

J.K Rowling, a British author who is best known as the creator of Harry Potter Fantasy series, the famous books which have gained worldwide attention and won multiple of awards, sold at more than 40 million copies, is enjoying her fortune in Mauritius, the destination which many celebrities like her, chooses to hideaway from their fame.

J.Krowling sea relaxation

The author was spotted on one of the marvelous beach of the island together with her consort for a fun time, peacefully. She also relaxed in the hotel, enjoyed massages to J.Krowling with her husbandrefresh herself in order to be more inspired.

Aside, J.K Rowling is also famous for her “rags to riches” life story, in which she progresses from living on wealth to a multi-millionaire status within five years of writing novels. She wrote the manuscript that makes her well known, ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ on an old manual typewriter. And now her hard work had bear fruit, she is actually ranked at twelfth position on the Britain richest woman by Sunday Times, on their rich list. Her fortune is estimated at £540 million ($798 million).

However despite her celebrity, she is still a humble person and has become a notable philanthropist, by supporting charities. She uses £5.1 million from her fortune to combat poverty and social inequality.

J.Krowling in Mauritian water

In spite of that, she also uses her fortune to satisfy her own desire, where before visitin Mauritius, she also cruised to the Galapagos which  cost her around £15,000, where she blown £14,000 on her luxury holiday in the island to enjoy the comforts of a £6,000-a week suite in one of the luxurious coastal resort.

Hot singer Anastacia was in the paradise island (Mauritius) with her bodyguard

March 16, 2009

American singer and songwriter Anastacia was in Tropical Island Mauritius for the Anastacia and her bodyguardperfect honeymoon with her bodyguard to whom she commits herself in 2007. A bodyguard who is really looking after her well-shaped body.

Anastacia who is a multi-platinum has been highly successful in Europe and Australia and have record worldwide sales of 20 million album in 2005.

The couple’s honeymoon started from Mexico, to Paris where they have had some romantic moments, then in Mauritius where they enjoy love on a wonderful beach, under a pleasant sun.

However, they chosen Mauritius for a hideaway, as the island is not a paparazzi destination. But, hiding when you are famous is not very obvious, especially when everybody knows that you are on honeymoon.

Anastacia and bodyguard kissing in Mauritius

Thus, Anastacia who is world renowned for her edgy and soulful voice was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 where she was forced to reduce her breasts because of back strain. However, despite that her boobs are still big and charming.

Mary Pierce, another member of the tennis world to visit Mauritius.

March 11, 2009

Tennis woman Mary Pierce who still has not recover from injury was in Mauritius recently for a long holiday. She was in the island during some months, far fromMary Pierce holiday her family.

However, Mary Pierce before her injury has won four Grand Slam titles and has reached six Grand Slam singles finals. She won her Grand Slam titles in 1995 at the Australian Open, and in 2000 at Roland Gaross. She also won the Wimbledon mixed doubles championship and has reached 3 Gram Slam doubles finals.

Mary Pierce at Roland Gaross

Nevertheless, since she caught this leg injury, she did not return to court again to play at professional level, she made rehabilitation to be fit again, in order to play like before. However, her leg is still weak and the probability that she return at the highest level again is short. Meanwhile, she turns to religion rather than thinking about retirement. She places her faith more in Jesus than in her racket.

Mary Pierce Praying

In spite of that her days in Mauritius was marvelous, as she relates to French sport magazine L’Equipe that “after God and Tennis, she places Mauritius as her third love, as the island is charming, from its natural beauties, beaches and its people, who have a really great sense of hospitality”.